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standing on a star unstable

I am the same, and the same name still I keep.

Mer, rhymes with bear
10 April
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I'm Merrie Haskell. I write fiction.

I write for children. My book, The Princess Curse, is out right now! If you are interested mainly in that, you may want to drop over to my blog or my Good Reads page or even my Facebook page to ask questions. I suggest these because LiveJournal has become so spam-ridden that I've had to disable anonymous commenting.

I've written a few short stories for younger people that might interest you if you are here because of The Princess Curse: "The Girl-Prince", which is basically "Sleeping Beauty in space" and "Currer Bell Comes to America," which is an alternate universe story.

I also write for adults. My complete bibliography explains it all. Most of those stories are science fiction and fantasy or romance.

This journal is short on manifesto and essay, and long on random things you probably won't care to get behind.

I write mostly about life and a little bit about writing--writing in the abstract, all process and ramblings, and it may not be the journal to follow if you are more interested in my work itself.

No friending policies need apply. You do your thing. I'll do my thing. However, if your thing is really wanting me to friend you back, you should probably comment on a recent entry and introduce yourself, particularly if you have an opaque profile.
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