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2013 Goals

I don't have them.  But I think I should make them. In public. And have some accountability, like, for every goal segment not reached I have to donate a dollar to a charity I hate.  The Tea Party?  And what's a hurtful number of goal segments? $100 isn't enough. I'm thinking $250.

More later, as I figure this all out. Suggestions for figuring this out welcome!


Jan. 21st, 2013 03:34 am (UTC)
Wow ... that's hardcore. I guess i have a few random thoughts to throw into the mixing pot for review:

  • The self-flagellant approach to goal-meeting will only work if you are truly the only thing standing in your way. Despite all the smarmy self-help idioms, we are often held back by practical issues -- often other responsibilities that we're forced to meet -- and realistic expectations of time and energy levels. I'm not saying to give up or anything, i'm just suggesting that you make sure that the goal you want to keep is also a goal you can keep before you start fining yourself.

  • Giving to a charity you hate probably isn't a great idea. If you want it to hurt enough to keep you motivated, just up the dollar amount. If you want it to hurt more, give it to a cause you see as wasteful but not harmful -- like to someone to go blow at poker table (but not dannimal, cuz he'll just come home with more). I think making it actually make the world a worse place is to add so much insult to injury as to lead to a path of serious self-loathing, depression, and/or madness.

  • How about a little positive reinforcement to mix in? If you fail to meet Goal A, you have to pay out. If you meet Goal A, you don't. If you exceed Goal A by margin X, then you get to spend X units of time/money on something awesome!
Food for thought. Good luck!

Edited at 2013-01-21 03:35 am (UTC)

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