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Seriously, my book talk was the most fun I've had with this writing gig since I sold the book.
,cake and book 

-I should always fill the audience with people who already believe I'm funny
-A late-arriving cake is okay if it's dramatic, because the ooooohs are worth it; also, it gives the cake artist a chance to take a bow, and how often do they get to do that? Not often enough.

In other news, I've been on writing retreat since Thursday night, and while I did my due diligence to a rewrite of a short story that Ruth Nestvold and I are shopping around and had a scribbly-notes convo with my editor on the phone, I didn't have a real chance to do any writing until late yesterday.  I was busy doing other things--SFWA renewal, working out some giveaways, answering interview questions, tossing up a blog post here and there...  Somehow that consumed almost two days.  I mean, beside the time I spent mulling over Film Critic Hulk's latest genius post and mentally absorbing my editor's notes.  And the time I spent just talking to my fellow writers at retreat.  My buddy Steve Buchheit finished his rewrite last night, which means he's actually almost ready to start querying agents, and I'm so beyond excited about that, you have no idea. 

Other than that, I have a white spot on one of my nails, and it's on the gift finger, so I'm waiting for that to grow out. (White spot on your nail? Counting from your thumb, you go, "A friend, a foe, a gift, a beau, a journey go."  And when it grows out, you get that thing! In theory! It's a total superstition, obvs, but I still do it!)
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