Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Snow: we're doing it wrong

I have been trying to embrace winter for a long time now, and the two things that have helped the most have been my HappyLight and my Vitamin D supplements. I actually have not been deeply offended by this winter in comparison to past winters, and I absolutely do not mind the snow on the ground right now, other than it makes me feel tremendously guilty that I did not try harder to get to work today. (The flip side of that being the days when I slide through stop signs and otherwise take my life in my hands, and I scream, "Why did I try to come to work!??! I shoulda just STAYED HOME.")

Oh, there might be a third thing for my well-being, and that might be the new furnace I bought back in August. And if there's a fourth, it's that we're on year 2 with our friend, the electric blanket. Warmth is key.

Coldness and darkness: my two foes.

Anyway, what gets me the MOST about winter is the Snow Protocol.

I do not like the hype. It makes it very hard to tell when you are supposed to rationally stay at home, and when you are supposed to try to go somewhere. A little less hype, and we might actually be able to tell when it's really dangerous out there, and when it's actually not.

I do not like how badly people drive. From the simplest things like "turning your lights on in a near white-out" to "don't tailgate when there's ANYTHING on the ground."

I do not like how inefficient the plowing situation is in this town. Budget cuts ruining our children's educations? Bad. Budget cuts that don't take into account snow? Unbelievable.

I do not like the snowblowers. All the charm of snow is completely taken away when there are fifteen hours of snowblowing afterward. I understand that the efficiency of a snowblower is waaaay above shoveling. I believe you should have a snowblower, if you want one. I'm not the snowblower police. But in the 20 minutes that there weren't neighbors out blowing, I really got to enjoy the noise of the wind in the trees, and the quietness that comes with snow, and I thought, "Yeah, snow isn't so bad!" And then the blowers started up again.

In conclusion, I must buy a Subaru.

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