Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Oh, man.

There's not going to be any peace on my desk until this manuscript goes away or I find another task lighting solution. Basically, I may've bought the halogen lamp for just this sort of paper-manuscript fiddling, but Merlin wants his lamp back, DAMMIT WOMAN, I'm trying to sleep!

Only a third of the way done with this pass, but it goes fast when I don't get bogged down looking up translations for etymologies of Romanian words I don't really know the provenance of, and by gum, if I EVER write another book set in a culture where I'm such a novice-tourist again, I may have to take up some self-destructive habits.

Didn't get to the Historical Thesaurus today, which is good, because I have another word to add to the list: "rat out." (Okay, it's a phrase.)

I can't believe I leave the country in 2.5 days. Oh, god, it sounds even worse put that way. I need to finish packing.

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