Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Woe and Rumors of Woe

Left my CEM at work two days in a row, as though I am resistant to working on it or something, which I'm actually not. So I'm going in early to snag it and get some good coffee shop work in before heading back in to the ILL office to Make the Books Go (tm). Good thing there's a coffee shop in the library next door. (Too bad the coffee/tea isn't so great.)

This weekend I'm going to do the practice pack for Europe. And clean all the things. And finish the copyedit. As I proclaimed at work: I no longer have time to procrastinate.

I bought a handful of things yesterday to make the trip go a little smoother. A new invisible shield for my iPod touch, frex--that was a revelation, as it basically looks like I got it a new screen. Oh, yeah, the old shield was scratched to heck! But it was a low-market brand. I'd forgotten the actual Invisible Shield (tm) brand was so good. I got one for my Kindle too, since I'm not willing to sacrifice it to my travel bag.

With the time I, ahem, freed up by leaving my CEM at work, I rewrote the beginning to Contract Book II. It's snappier. Not sure it's better. But I'm going to work under the assumption that it's better to get to this one piece of the conflict earlier, as it's a better motivation for, oh, everything that happens in the first third of the book, and it's better to introduce the characters properly, and. Yeah. The reasons I'm not convinced it's better? It's not as light. But I wasn't sure I was doing anything other than light at the beginning--light and funny, sure, but just light? Not so much a goal.

Okay, going to rescue my manuscript.

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