Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Stuntwriting and Stuntwriting

I'm going to attempt to write the better part of a chapter book that has been lurking in my brain for several years... THIS WEEKEND. I suspect 30,000 words is too much, but I wonder if I could get down 15k, ie, half the project.

I'm not usually great with the stuntwriting, and writing fast--for me--usually ends up being "writing fast for the sake of writing fast." But I'd like a chance to get out of my own way, as it were, and I want to produce SOMETHING, and I'm not sure how else I would produce this without some "buckle down, stunt-it-out"-ness. I have greater faith in my revision powers than I've ever had before (there's nothing quite like practice makes perfect), and am less married to my "near-perfect draft" strategy than I once was.

(Since I hate rewriting so much, and was for so long so bad at it, I made every effort to write super-good first drafts. Sort of "revision as we go" so I could fool myself it was part of the drafting process, and I wasn't revising things? But there's nothing like a rigorous edit from a lady in New York to get you to revise your thinking, haha, as it were.)

Speaking of fast writing: if you have been waiting for Scrivener for Windows, as I have, your wait will be over this winter. They will even have a beta available for National Novel Writing Month. AND, get this: if you finish your 50k for NaNo, and become a verified winner, they'll give you a 50% off coupon for Windows Scrivener--basically, Scrivener for $20. (

I must say, while I don't need to save the $20 that badly, it's probably the best reason for finishing NaNo I've heard of lately. Enough for me to contemplate the logistics of how I'd win NaNo while in Germany and Romania.

I mean, if I stayed on target up until my flight on November 19th... would I be able to write enough in hotel rooms and on trains (the two biggest arenas of downtime on any trip) to win NaNo? Would I be able to locate an internet cafe and upload in a timely fashion? Should I contemplate this? It might keep me out of trouble in Europe, I'm thinking.

The only problem is--and it's a doozy--is that I'll be right in the middle of writing the next book, and I don't think I want to either stop writing it to do NaNo, nor submit the writing of the next book to the rigors of NaNo. No. I just don't.

So, that dream may've gone, as fast it came, but man. It's weirdly tempting.

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