Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

As You Are

The As You Are Now meme:

Take a picture of yourself, as you are right now, no changing clothes or makeup or especially photoshop, and post it.

self-portrait meme (arm shadow)

As a sop to my vanity, I did not post the one taken with the flash, but rather the one with the desk lamp. As a flash 3 feet from my face does not, actually, make me look as I look now, I thought the lamp one was more accurate anyway. Complete with bonus arm shadow over face.

(I took another one after, without the arm shadow, but it was less interesting.)

It was a nice day to do the meme, since mrgeddylee and I spent several hours at Hidden Lake Gardens taking author photos of me, and my hair was done for the occasion (hours ago...) and I still have my make up on (though much of it has rubbed off). Not wholly inaccurate as a representation of me, either, since I wear make up to work, and my hair (nowadays) looks decent enough after a cut for several weeks with no special effort. I used to have SUCH frizz problems....
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