Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Go home, throat. Go home.

Sore throat, really? Bah. Tomorrow, while not the WORST possible day for a cold, is pretty darn bad, with the house cleaners coming, and the stepdaughter home, and I'm supposed to take my car into the shop and order a birthday cake for my aunt. It'd be $50 to cancel the cleaners, and I've already delayed the car taking in two days because I clean forgot on Monday.

It's almost as annoying as the random buggy weirdness popping up on my new computer. Random--totally random!--songs won't transfer to my iPod, claiming the computer is not authorized. Attempt to authorize, and you get scolded that you're already authorized, idiot! Little things like that. Carbonite doesn't want to download, and it alternatly blames its own servers, a firewall, and the internet connection. Stupid stuff.

In completely other news, I bought two kinds of treeless paper from the same company at Target yesterday. I have, of ourse, misplaced the bands that had any details about the origins of the paper, but one claimed to be made of banana leaves (perfectly comprehensible), and one claimed to be made of... stone. Now, in looking it up, paper made entirely from minerals may have as much environmental impact in the long run as paper made from trees, but it is interesting stuff. Slightly stretchy, extremely heavy, and cool to the touch. Hard to start a tear on, but once the tear has begun, tears extremely straight. Fascinating stuff.

The banana paper is less interesting only because it's pretty much like recycled paper. However, it is more like the old kind of recycled paper, a little rough, a little toothy. I had three notebooks of the stuff when I was in junior high/high school, and I adored them. I was sincerely bummed when recycled paper started acheiving the same quality as new paper.

Both the banana paper and the stone paper take ball-point ink extremely well; it feels like writing with gel ink. And gel ink, I think I started using because it felt like writing on the old-style recycled paper with ballpoint ink.

So anyway.

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