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Working Shop

We are at the lake for the Hastings Point Workshop 2010, just five leetle writers, and five beeeg manuscripts (well, not really).

The body count has been high. One of the "fold-out, easy-clean" windows folded OUT onto my nose on Thursday while I was closing the window. Though Kelly (kelly_swails) saw it in slow motion and shouted "Nooooooo!!!!!" in a super-slo-mo voice and almost leapt across Dave (daveamongus) to save me, alas, I was not to be saved, and only my awesome bruise-proof skin has saved me from looking like I got beat up butt-good.

(Seriously. As often as I walk into stuff, I should be COVERED in bruises. I hardly ever have even one.)

I do have some minor swelling right between my eyebrows, which is kinda awesome, because that burgeoning set of parallel forehead wrinkles is totally gone. Botox for the accident prone.

THEN, Kelly called downstairs that she needed a bandaid...

'Cause she stepped on her pants while pulling them up in the bathroom, stumbled against the vanity, and gashed her thigh open.

THEN, Dave stubbed his toe.

So far, Elizabeth and Steve are unscathed.

We did a lot of good work last year at this workshop, and we're doing a lot of good work this year, too. A totally different atmosphere from retreats, formal or informal. Structure! We has it! We have gotten lots of good craft and market talks in as well, and a lot of seriously good writer bonding. Elizabeth (dendrophilous) and Steve (steve_buchheit) may not be injured, but they do know how to laugh at us.

More later.


May. 23rd, 2010 04:08 am (UTC)
Wow, that seems like a world away from me now. Glad to see it's continuing!

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