Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

Quadrant 4

Can't even tell you how glad I am Friday is coming, not that it will help anything. Nothing seems to help anything right now--too few hours in the day, and it doesn't seem to matter if I choose to spend them diligently or not, the to-do lists don't grow shorter, only aimed further into the future.

I need to learn how to manage deadlines better. And my time in general. Even though I've been through two or three time management classes and know all the tricks, or a lot of them, anyway. There's this one exercise you do where you sort things by urgency and importance and whatever, and they get shelved into four quadrants, and you just don't every bother with the things in Quadrant 4, because there lies the perfect crossroads of Things That Aren't Worth Doing? Yeah, see. Those things aren't actually up to me not to do. If it makes it onto my to-do list in the first place, it's already made it through the Pre-Sorting Mechanism that is my brain, or is a requirement of obtaining some sort of financial compensation, which, again, see, Pre-Sorting Mechanism.

There is no Quadrant 4. Quadrant 4 is a lie.

(And THERE was the perfect cap on the day: the cat who likes to sleep under my desk lamp knocked over my glass of water. Narrowly avoiding everything electrical SOMEHOW, through a divine intervention, I suppose--anyway. Phew. Cleaned up.)

(Seriously. Why isn't there more give in modern life? How are we supposed to do all this? I never claimed to be bored as a child. This is not some sort of ironic punishment. I WAS TOLD THAT THE UNIVERSE DOLES OUT IRONIC PUNISHMENTS. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE.)
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