Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear


-It's 66 degrees F in my office, and I'm shivering. I have three layers on, plus wool socks and fleece slippers. Granted, they are thin layers and thin socks, but still. 66 is not that cold.

-Watched a little American Idol with stepdaughter. THERE IS NO SECOND ADAM LAMBERT ON EARTH. I am resigned to this. She might not be.

-I could probably read Regency AUs of just about anybody: any character, any fandom, any anything. People I know, even. I'm just saying. I find this both troubling and perfectly sensible. I know what I like. I say this because I read a Regency AU about Adam Lambert and staggered around in a fog for three days afterward--kind of like how when Elmer Fudd or Bugs Bunny gets really hungry and starts seeing the other one's head as a plate of turkey? Like that, only everyone in Regency clothes. astolat wrote the mind-altering fic, if you need to have a clue where to find it, but I don't want to make it too easy (hard?) on the folks who might idly click and then start screaming, "My eyes, my eyes!" or something.

-I'm getting a late start writing, but perhaps I can still get two hours in. It all depends on whether or not my fingers will arm up.

-It is very expensive to stay in the hotel atop Machu Picchu. $800-1000 a night. (The more you know!)

-A medium-to-difficult winter snowstorm is upon us. Note the suffix -storm. This is not a snow event ending in -calypse or -mageddon. Stepdaughter is hoping no school tomorrow--she will probably be lucky. We are going nowhere near the amount of snow that would give us a snow day at work, I'm quite sure, but we may get the amount that will not allow me to get out of the subdivision until the plows come through. I would not mind that. We also might *not* get that amount. No chickens tonight. They'll hatch tomorrow. Then, I'll count them.

-Am vaguely obsessed with these short films about the sex lives of animals from Isabella Rossellini (potentially NSFW?):

-Not warm yet.

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