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More 5 Q's

mykkel also did this meme thing.

Leave me a comment saying you want to play.

* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
* Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
* Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Will you write an Arthur story (If I have missed it, where can I find it)?

I have not yet--well, not since before college, and trust me, it's not publishable. Six months ago, I would've said I'd never write an Arthur story, because, well, they've. All. Been. Done. Except I did think of one a little while back! It would be a kid story, actually, a girl story, called "Green Girl Magic" (or perhaps Green Girl Magic--or maybe that's a series title) about a girl who is Guinevere reborn.

2. Assuming no restriction on money, or time to spend with them, what number of pets would you prefer?

Fantasy land is fun. Well, I'd want a couple of horses (at least), and a few dogs, as well as the cats we already have. In fantasy land, I probably don't have guinea pigs, though I guess the ones we already have are there, living out their lifespans. I would love to have some goats for the making of goat-cheese and because goats are kind of hilarious. So. Not a lot more. But if there's no restrictions, and the idea of pets is expanded, I'd love to own some serious acreage so I could have loads of visiting waterfowl (swans, cranes, geese) as well as deer such.

3. Do you get more writing done in your office or at the cottage?

Totally depends. If I get on a good daily schedule, my office is just fine. But sometime I get in a rut, and breaking out for a retreat to the cottage (or just a coffeeshop) ends up being really productive. Non-retreat time at the cottage can be difficult, but that's just because there's not really a good work-space without a TV in it.

4. What is the best fondue menu for a party?

Well, since you asked... If you want a real fondue party, you gotta have three kinds of fondue. Just a law. So, one broth fondue (oil = death, at least for the accident prone like me), one cheese, and one dessert. More would be good? But one cook who also wants to enjoy the party cannot attend to more.

5. You are casting director for The Blue Sword, who do you cast?

Interesting question! I only have one immediate, visceral thought, which is Bryce Dallas Howard as Aerin (a minor part in The Blue Sword, but hey, if it works, they'd have to make The Hero and the Crown). I'd love to see, maybe, Patrick Stewart as Jack Dedham, though he might be a little too old. Finding a Hari would be hard--young actresses with the appropriate gravitas seem hard to come by. (I would have said Anna Paquin when she was younger; most are too pretty, too fragile, too modern, too short, and too high-voiced.) I think pretty much it would be best cast with unknowns and Bollywood actors. (I think John Abraham -- -- would be a terrific Corlath, and Aishwarya Rai should just be in EVERY MOVIE EVER -- --actually, why not have Aishwarya play Aerin and Howard play Hari? Hm.) Luthe? Dunno. Mathin? Dunno--what would happen if we gave Tony Shalhoub a haircut and got him all buff? That might be fun.
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