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I am in the Dayton area to partake of some writerly company. Some fellow Codexians are having a bit of a retreat (which we are calling LonCon after the host, lonfiction). I'm hoping to hit up some attractions I found on Roadside America on the way home, which I meant to hit up on the way here, but I ran into the trifecta of lateness, detours, and go-back-for-left-behind cell phone yesterday.

So far, the food has been great, and I've gotten a very little bit of writing done, in between petting the awesomely friendly sphinx cat Howard and chatting with the other writers. Also, the misery of my memory key not working, so I don't actually have the most recent draft of my novel with me, as a result. I think. At least, I haven't found it yet.

So, I'm working on new something instead. Which is totally okay with me, even though I really wanted to be done with this novel (again).

Anyway, Danielle and Hel and Lon and I are sitting around writing, while we wait for kelly_swails and kosmo34 to arrive, and for lunch to cook. Lon's other half, Shelley, has recruited a neighbor (JJ), and they are performing magic in the kitchen. There's going to be bastilla for dinner, which I've only eaten once, and failed to make another time.

PS, I love Howard the sphinx beyond all reason.
Tags: droppin' usernames like hamiltons, writing: retreat

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