Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear

And at work yesterday....

There was sledding:

The guys on the left (one with shovel) were responsible. They said they were doing it for fun, and hawked rides to any passers-by--and when we left at 7, they were out there building it up further. "Now our professor wants it to be an experiment," they said, still grinning.

I knew those guys. I mean, I don't know those guys, but there are a bunch of people reading my friends list right now who did stuff much like this, back in the day... Oh, my school. *heart*

And the library folks are like, "Well, they're not destroying any property, so..." And then half our office went out and sledded. *hearts my library, too*
Tags: libraries: things people don't know

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