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Here we go loopedy loo...

Ah, the Long Weekend. What a fine institution. I don't know why we don't have more than two of them scheduled a year (or three if you count Thanksgiving), but that's America for you.

dannimal and I bugged out after packing up guinea pigs, clothes and Wii, and throwing a bunch of food at the cats. We hit no major traffic nor major mammals. (No minor mammals, either, though this weekend we almost ran over an assortment of deer, possums, cats and raccoons.)

The dock went in Saturday morning with it's usual precise engineering. (cough) I stayed out of the poison ivy. The other major accomplishments of the day were writing and reading and making a very bad update to my website that, thankfully, I didn't upload. Everyone else played golf. We had Curly Cone (thank you, Lactaid!) and watched the 3 Detroit games (Wings, Tigers, Pistons). Sunday was more of the same, until we drove into town for dinner and a movie. (Indifferent Applebee's because all the other restaurants were closed, and the new Indiana Jones.)

Of course there was over an hour and a half to kill between dinner and the movie, so we wandered around WalMart, not buying things, because what else is there to do? And then we went to the theater, where Barry challenged me to air hockey. The most spectacular event thereof was when I leaned in deep over the table to smack the disc and launched my right foot high (not THAT high) into the air to abet my leaning--and kicked some woman's popcorn bucket as she was on her way out of the theater. POPCORN EVERYWHERE. All over the table and the floor. The woman looked deeply confused. As did I, amid my apologies. Mertastrophe for the win!

So, Dann stood behind me for the rest of the game so I didn't kick anyone else's snacks, and thus the world was saved.

My reaction to Indy was, "Meh." Sadly. Nowhere near as good as 1, nor even 3. Comparable to 2.

We got home at midnight, and bed was NOT going to happen because Dann and I had GIANT DIET PEPSIS, and I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until 2:30. Which is when the storm rolled in and knocked out the power. Power just came on about an hour ago, in fact.

This morning, Dann and I walked down the road to look at the lilies of the valley. There's one patch easily thirty feet long and ten feet wide in places. Amazing. I took pictures. The patch is fifty, seventy, maybe a hundred years old. We came back and decided to go for a swim--in the absence of water pressure for showers. Dann had been in the water twice already, thanks to the dock and the swim he took after running. He jumped in first, and paddled around nonchalantly. So, when I jumped in, convinced it was cold but not-that-cold, it was a NASTY SHOCK. I surfaced screaming, and washed up so fast... You know how when you get out of the water from swimming on a windy day, and you just want to get back in the water because the wind is much colder than the water? It was the opposite of that. Extreme evaporative cooling felt delightful in comparison.

Apparently, they could hear the screaming all the way in the house.

Now, we just have to decide when to go home...
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