Mer, rhymes with bear (merriehaskell) wrote,
Mer, rhymes with bear


It just got louder in here. My husband started hammering on something in the other room, and outside, winter has kicked up a wind loud enough to hear over my stereo. Cool. I mean, the latter is no keening-moaning-Secret Garden type wind from the moors, but it's definitely atmospheric.

If only I were writing something based in winter. I've got spring rain in England right now. I am, for the record, stunt writing a la Gabe Chouinard this weekend, after which, I'll go back to our regularly scheduled 750-1000 words a day. Since last night, I have consumed a hell of a lot of tea, and stared a bit at Jane Austen, who is currently wearing my wedding & engagement rings over her right arm like a particularly bad, oversized set of gold bangles that would give her a separated shoulder if she were real and they were proprotionately life-sized. I think she's thinking she never signed on to be my ring holder, but there she is, in her little green spencer, smiling eternally and threatening to stab me with her quill if I impugn her dignity much further.

No, I'm fine, really. How are you?
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