May 24th, 2011

if I were me

Can't talk, snowed under.


In the positives column, finished my book and saw a rainbow. Not concurrently, but within 7 days. So it was totally a book rainbow, right?

In the also-positives column, I finished the book, knew I had muffed the ending, and talked to Kate at lunch and realized how to *actually* end the book, so now no one has to read the crappy muffed ending, and I'm pretty happy about that. And Kate earns herself a place in the acknowledgments for the second book in a row. This is the problem about not talking about books while you write them, but the good news is, I can talk about them afterward? I am so jealous of vidensadastra's writing process sometimes, I could cry.

I do not want to hit this close to my deadline again, though. A month is not enough time for a good rewrite. Even though this is a Haskell Quality Clean Draft (TM), that doesn't mean it's not full of weirdnesses.

On the other hand, have not blown deadline in the least, so that's cool.