December 31st, 2010

Jane (DDD), Tiara (DDD)

Should old acquaintance be forgot

Happy New Year, folks! I plan to ring in the occasion with writing and sleep--I woke up with a grumbling sore throat and a powerful tiredness, and I won't be crawling far from my computer unless it's to bed.

It is very handy, therefore, that I decided not to throw a party this year. Between my stepdaughter's upcoming sweet sixteen, and the eventual book launch party in October (yes, I have a launch month, though not yet a date, have I mentioned?), I decided to dial back the partying.

As for the rest of New Year's activities, I did go so far as to chill the bottle of champagne I had purchased for the occasion, which I may have tonight if I'm feeling up to it, or perhaps mixed with OJ tomorrow. And as for resolutions? Nah. Further ratcheting around of some life-style changes, perhaps, and I want to settle in with a good solid writing schedule for the new year, but I think calling them resolutions perhaps... puts a karmic hit out on them.

See you in 2011!