November 28th, 2010

Anthropology (Binford)

Oy, my feet; or--Romania!

I spent the day tromping around an open air museum--or should I say, the open air museum, since this is considered the pinnacle of open air museums in this country, and was a large part of the reason I came to Sibiu.

(The other parts were: I needed an airport, I didn't want to do Bucharest, I needed a place I might set The Queen of Thonos or parts thereof, and the city itself had to have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, if I'd known how much harder it is to get around inside the country (well, okay, let's say I knew, but I was in denial, which is pretty much the truth), I'd have chosen somewhere else--somewhere closer to my cousin's sister, and with better rail service. But--bygones. I have a feeling this won't be my only trip to Romania.)

I can't really guess how far I walked today but it must be further than I've done since being in Europe, since el bone spur is unhappy with the distance I walked for the first time in months--and let's recall that three miles does not really bug it--and my legs were tired coming up the stairs to my room. Note that I was not winded, but that my legs were tired, straight up three flights. (Guess what? I get to come in the front door of the hotel now. But not before I took pictures of the whole process of the labyrinthine way.)

The museum was fascinating. They've moved dozens of different types of buildings into this park and reconstructed them just as they were in situ. Presumably they only removed things that were going to be destroyed anyway, but I don't actually know... Anyway, these things range from a beekeepers' family compound (charmingly described as "beeskeepers" on the trilingual sign), to Danube delta fishermen's cottages, to wooden churches, to inns, to small shrines. Lots of fulling mills--wool-processing--aka houses of fullers. And windmills!

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