October 31st, 2010

Nose Kiss (Farscape)

World Fantasy "Report"

So, before I went to World Fantasy Con, I was like this:


And after World Fantasy Con, I'm pretty much like this:

OMG, WFC! (and I'm tired)

I would tell you about all the huge-lots of people I saw, but you would probably be very bored by this unless you were one of them (or if you are secretcrush (ETA: Or secritcrush, even), I bet even then) and I would leave someone out, and someone else would feel bad. Also, on the way home, I tried to write down a list of all the people I met for the first time alone, and that list had gotten to seventeen people long before I almost fell asleep driving and had to pull off and catch some z's at a rest area. Let's keep in mind that compared to some of the networking fiends I know, meeting seventeen new people (and I just thought of three more, so, twenty) is probably not impressive, but shoot, those are the ones I can remember offhand.

Uhm. Have I mentioned the massive sleep deprivation?

The things of import that I shall report on:

I saw leahbobet for the first time since 2004, when I was such a neophyte as to be larval. We have corresponded aplenty since then, and have shared a lot of similar experiences this year, and seeing each other was just so good, and I think also important for both of us.

I met with my agent--in snatches, I'm afraid--but I got some important reassurances about my career path, and she applauds my not quitting my dayjob, and--. Good stuff. What agents are for.

I fangirled Sharon Shinn at her signing. I know that aj and iuliamentis at the very least are jealous.

I did some of my due diligence, and attended the SFWA business meeting.

I had tapas!

I attended a panel and took notes! I used to feel kinda silly posting panel notes, but honestly, I love 'em, and I don't think people do them enough. Here's Collapse )

Old friends and new friends and rebonded friends! I am beYOND tired, because I stayed up too late every night. Losing my voice. Convinced that I caught a cold that's there, lurking. So glad to be home, safe and sound, and hope everyone else is home safe and sound, too.