October 15th, 2010

Cat reading Newspaper

Cat Drama!

Merlin, my writing cat, invented the art of sleeping under my halogen desk lamp. No, really, he'll tell you.

To the point where I had to make him his own special spot NEXT to my desk on a little four-drawer cabinet, because he had taken to such great sprawling I couldn't actually use my desk. He even has his own little gray faux-fur throw.

Today, his brother not only discovered the Spot of Great Warmth, but stole it. For like an hour.

And Merlin alternately paced over top of Arthur's head, stood watch, or tried to catch as much halogen heat as he could by huddling on the strip of desk next to Arthur's head. ANGST! CAT ANGST!

Merlin got down to disconsolately yowl a bit. Then Arthur moved, and Merlin was RIGHT THERE, OMG, are you out of my freaking spot yet? But Arthur was not out of the spot. Arthur was just preparing himself for a bath.

Merlin got back on the desk and tried to stare him down.

Arthur cleaned himself in his own good time, and finally left. Things to puke, places to pee.

Merlin flopped down immediately back in his spot, closed his eyes, and groaned contentedly. I'd take another picture, but it's nearly identical to pic 1 above.


Also, earlier today, I saw a squirrel acrobat: