September 22nd, 2010

Princess, Apple

Spotted Meme

Confess the first two things you bought from Amazon.

Mine are:

Of Swords and Spells by Delia Marshall Turner, probably because I couldn't find it in a bookstore (I'd just finished Nameless Magery). I'll note both of these books are still on my shelf, and I only keep things I intend to re-read, but I've never re-read these. I don't know how I feel about that.

Anyway, it was 1999, and I'm almost positive that's why I ordered that book, and initiated the whole order to begin with.

Now, why did I choose the other two things in that order, and which can be considered number 2 and which can be considered the afterthought? Dunno. But the items tied for second are a taped audio version of Stellaluna for wee little 4-year-old Kayla, and a book called A Point of Honor by Dorothy J. Heydt that I do remember, but certainly didn't keep.

My second order is a birthday present for my mom.

My third order is this:

2 books by Sherwood Smith