September 9th, 2010

Fairytale (Tin Man)

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Sometimes, when I'm doing other things, I'm aware of the seething emotions and vibrant colors of an entire kingdom that lives somewhere between the strata of my conscious and subconscious minds.

Sometimes, a story will flash by like the memory of a dream, too fast for me to do more than acknowledge it, and feel it, before it's gone.

It's like a fish jumping in a lake--don't blink--oh, you only heard the splash--the fish disappears and the surface is smooth again.

I've spent hours, days, years of my life digging away at the water, trying to show the kingdom under the surface, but the water always rushes back in, and all I can take away is an old boot whose shadow looked like a fish before I pulled it out.

Sometimes I can carve the boots into credible fish statues, but I know what I barely saw when the fish jumped, and I know what I can't recreate--and that's just with the fish, not the whole kingdom beneath the waves.