August 26th, 2010

if I were me


So frustrated by unresolved computer issues right now. Bearable becomes unbearable with the application of time, or it can do. More to the point, "bearable for a day or two" becomes unbearable when it turns inot more like a week. Also? Moving all the peripherals to the system you think is fixed but is just being tested--tests one's patience. Also? Frustration is self-replicating, and communicable.

Now it's 11:11 and I've done crap.

On the other hand, I spent a couple hours working up the collage for my next (contract) book, using those other parts of my brain to get creative with my characters, and using general serendipity to lead to inspiration....

It was harder to do this collage than the last two because I've used a lot of my coolest, saved-up pictures and postcards, but I did have an old Waterhouse calendar that gave up some excellent pics of my main character, and on the web I found a completely awesome picture by a female pre-Raphaelite (Brickdale) of an armored knight holding a baby (click through the Brickdale link to see the pic). His back is to the viewer; all you can see is the expanse of armor, and the baby's face peeking over his shoulder and by gum, it was everything I didn't know and needed to about my male secondary character. I"m not sure if the baby is going to be in the book or not.

I tried something different with this collage. For one thing, I had more space to work with, which is maybe why it felt picture-short. I bought a science fair poster board and cut it into thirds--three 1/3rd height science fair project-sized collages await me. (The other two are for future books.)

The other thing I did differently was visit the scrapbooking aisle(s) at the craft store. That's a dangerous aisle, and this better be as close as I get to scrapbooking. I'm just saying.

Pics will have to come later, since I don't have my freaking computer to unload them.