August 24th, 2010

if I were me

Five Rules for Commuting to the Underworld

My short story is up at Strange Horizons. It contains most of the things I love about the Underworld that I couldn't fit into The Herbalist's Apprentice The Princess Curse the whatever book. And because I couldn't even use the word damn in the book, the short story drops the f-bomb a lot.

Does anyone else do this? Write strange little stories that drain away the dregs of the things you otherwise might not let go of in your books? I only ask because I've done it twice now, for this and the Jane Eyre book. I don't know that it happened with The Bitter Road, but I also confess I didn't really have a process for that book, more a bull-headed determination, and who knows, maybe some other story of mine arose from that (I don't think so). Of course, I've written 3/4ths of a novel I am alternately calling The Perfect Prince(ss) and just Prince(ss) (entirely working titles), and no short stories have arisen. But I haven't gotten into the taking-out stage.