August 19th, 2010

16 no's (HIMYM)

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Go over to the Word Frequency in Fantasy Titles 2009.

Connect words. There cannot be words in between your connections, but any direction is okay--up, down, back, forward. Create a book title of three or more listwords that makes a modicum of sense. AT LEAST a modicum.

Give yourself 1 point for each word from the board in the title.

Subtract 1 point for each preposition or conjunction you use that is two letters or less.

Subtract 2 points for each preposition or conjunction you use that is three letters or more.

The first article is free, but additional articles will cost you 1 point.

Add 1 point if you write a logline for the book.

Add 1 point if the title is so clear you don't NEED a logline, for the awesomeness speaks for itself.

By the rules above, you may create the series/trilogy/whatever title, and add ONE HALF of those points to the total (always round down; the tie goes in favor of the attacker in this game). (The words quartet/trilogy/series etc. are freebies.)


Zombie Wolf Apocalypse Assassin, book one of The Dark Red Kill Daughter Trilogy.

Zombie Wolf Apocalypse Assassin--while the title speaks for itself, honestly! It's about an assassin who runs around in the Zombie Wolf Apocalypse. Obviously, the assassin takes out Zombie Wolves and protects humanity and all that stuff. The reference to "Dark Red Kill Daughter" is, like, somehow related to Little Red Riding Hood or something.

I earned 6 7 points (Math??):

-4 points each for Zombie, Wolf, Apocalypse, Assassin.
-No deductions for conjunctions or prepositions.
-No article penalty.
-We'll give me 1 point for the title being as good as a logline; the logline I attempted is pretty much not one.
-2 points for the series title (4 words, no penalties, divided by 2)