July 7th, 2010

Oath (HIMYM)

Honestly? I'll take the minor annoyances.

Failed to put my 2011 parking tag in the window of my car. Ticket! Oh, fickle fiscal years that begin for me right after a long holiday... About every three years, I get stung.

Add to this a blister from my new shoes (interestingly placed on the side of my foot), my missing 32G thumb drive (it has to be SOMEwhere, doesn't it?), the horrid heat, the freckles popping up on my nose, and the complete discombobulation that is moving from one computer to another, and my life seems like a mass of petty annoyances.

But, for serious, I'll take petty any day over the big ones.

Now. If you were a 32G thumb drive, where would you be? Keeping in mind I've already cleaned out my purse and my desk, and had even gone so far as to reopen the cases on my CPUs in case I dropped it inside one of them whilst playing computer-transfer-hijinx. (I'd been using the thumb drive to transfer files, yes, I know it's inefficient, but it was only to have taken me six or so transfers, so it's not that inefficient.) At some point, Dann sat down at my computer to try and get the drivers for my old wireless card to work (they cannot), and thereafter--poof, no drive. He has not seen it.

It HAS to be here. Unless it has become a TARDIS, it has to be here.

The other ridiculous thing is that I didn't have Word for the new computer for about a week, and even though I did some writing on my netbook this weekend, I was actually beginning to experience some sort of unpleasant writing withdrawal.


Time passes. Husbands walk by. One makes complaints about the whereabouts of thumbdrives. I am mocked for not lifting up enough papers when, lo and behold, papers are lifted, and a thumbdrive appears.


Still, beats a tragedy.