July 5th, 2008

if I were me

Fireflies and Dew

All other things being equal, it is the *perfect* night to slather mah self with bugspray and go peeking under neighbors' porches at 3AM.

Of course, all other things aren't equal, and it is really hard to shake a visit to the Humane Society. All those lost kitties looked so expectant when I came in...

And the yellow lab puppy they strategically placed by the door? There's soul-sucking evil in that placement. I don't even like labs much (too jolly by far; give me a herder any day, a dog that thinks)--at least, not to own--but I was hard pressed to walk out without that puppy. He was gamboling around his cage, grinning like labs do, and like puppies do, and like lab-puppies do extraordinarily well...


Want cat back.

(I spread litter semi-strategically around the yard; I have no idea if it's enough. I left the garage door up a smidge with a can of cat food open inside. I've done everything everyone has suggested, and the 3AM sitting on the porch plan is all set to become the 3AM "Let's Hope Everyone Within 50 Yards of My House is a Heavy Sleeper and Doesn't Own a Gun" crusade.)

Hope they're done with the damn fireworks by 3, or I'll never find the cat.

Also? Looking for a black cat, at night, underneath porches...

I've had better ideas.