June 8th, 2008

if I were me

This is a placeholder. My real life will resume again soon. We hope.

a) Bar night may be good for the soul, but it does NOTHEEENG for my reputation.

b) Merlin, the Gray Cat,

has recently discovered the wonder of the Human Water Glass. To the point where I have to hide my water from him. I realize many other cats have discovered human water glasses before him, but it's just weird that he's been alive 8 years and figured out how awesome cold water is at this late date.

c) I still have a sore throat. STILL. Most other symptoms seem to have receded, though I was coughing rather a lot on Friday.

d) I gave Kali a shower today, and cut out some mats. She has lost enough weight to be able to clean her own butt--a victory--but it needed a little help. A reset, if you will. She did not enjoy the shower, and lay in front of the door this evening and pouted, and refused to move.

e) I've had two awesome couch naps this weekend. Last time, I think I dreamed of my grandparents' farm. I don't really remember the dream. It's just that I woke up, and the memories of running around the hayfields on windy days, trying to race the cloud shadows to the fence, seemed really close.