May 7th, 2008

if I were me

Take my lungs out back and shoot them, pls.

Day three of awesome head and chest cold. I did go to work, to avoid boredom, so I'm not SUPER SICK, but I am going to bed as soon as I post this, though I'm shocked to see it's after ten. The evening just flies by when you get home at 7:30.

More on the Dodie Smith front. I read an essay called "Literary Executions" by Julian Barnes which was supposed to be about wresting control of film rights for I Capture the Castle back from Disney (which bought them up after the success of 101 Dalmations), but the essay proved to be nothing of the sort. It was a good essay, yes, and an entertaining one, and did discuss things like how Dodie Smith had heard once that the Japanese eat dogs, and refused to have her work published there, and how Barnes had to decide if Smith's misinformation meant that he should respect her wishes verbatim or go with the spirit of the wish and make her heirs another sum of money. It was an interesting essay for other reasons, too, like how being a literary executor (and a conscientious one at that) is a way to pay back a writing mentor.

Have not done Greek in weeks, and no gym in days. Collapse )