July 31st, 1999

Reading (Liza Bennet)

7000 Words a Week

I did not write today, or all last week, so tomorrow my resolve must be set anew. I must reach 1000 words a day-- 7000 words a week.

Currently reading Persuasion and the last Jaran book.

What I have learned:

Mostly I've been comparing the movie against the book for Persuasion, which is not helping me notice other things, but I'm amazed with the off-handed humor of Jane-- and how it doesn't ruin the "passion." The Law of Becoming disappoints a smidge-- I miss Tess.

Actually, it's not true. I have written this week, but none of it was fiction. I should not dismiss the non-fiction. I wrote a great deal of Arthur stuff.

Things I noticed today:

-at the movie theatre, I looked up at a poster advertising "A Dog of Flanders"-- big picture of a man and a bouvier. I felt both pathetic and sad-- couldn't believe I wanted to cry. Why did that pet mean so much? Is it universal, ancestral? I remember an argument with my grandmother about animals and souls when I was 10 or so.

-the utter darkness on the way home-- cloudy night; the sparkling driveway lamps on Golfside, and the dark golf course on the other side. The lights made no impact on the darkness...